Responsible Agency: Department of Education and Training
Proposal Stage of Development: Strategic Business Case Underway
Building Queensland Role: Assisting with Strategic Business Case
Planned Stage End Date: To be determined
Estimated Cost of Delivery: To be determined*
Date of Publication: December 2017


The southern region of the Sunshine Coast has a number of areas with significant new housing opportunities available for families of school-age children. This is placing pressure on adjacent local schools and driving a need for local education facilities in line with population growth.

Communities in the region are anticipated to have substantially larger populations over the next 30 years and a number of school sites have been identified and set aside.


Additional schooling capacity on a number of pre-identified sites is being explored.


This proposal is expected to cater for the growing need for school capacity, reducing the need for students to travel further to attend existing catchment schools.


Complete Strategic Business Case

* An estimate will be provided once the proposal has been developed further.