Responsible Agency: Department of Education and Training
Proposal Stage of Development: Strategic Business Case Complete
Planned Stage End Date: Not Applicable
Estimated Cost of Delivery: To be determined*
Date of Publication: December 2016 (for period 4 June 2016 – 3 December 2016)


Additional state secondary school capacity is required in the high growth corridor north of Brisbane to deliver quality learning outcomes for all students.

The capacity of the existing state schools in the area under investigation is not considered sufficient to meet future enrolment demand. This area has experienced significant population growth over the past five years. In particular, school-aged population growth has exceeded expectations. Rapid population growth is expected to continue due to the considerable degree of residential development activity in the area under investigation.


The objective of the proposal is to deliver additional state secondary schooling capacity for local students over the next five years. This may include:

  • augmenting the capacity of existing schools and/or
  • delivering a new school.


Commence Preliminary Business Case

* An estimate will be provided once the proposal has been developed further.