Responsible Agency: Department of Justice and Attorney-General
Proposal Stage of Development: Detailed Business Case Underway
Building Queensland Role: Leading Detailed Business Case
Planned Stage End Date: Q3 2017
Estimated Cost of Delivery: $560–$610 million*
Date of Publication: June 2017 (for period 4 December 2016 – 3 June 2017)


The Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre (AGCC) is the male remand centre for southern Queensland. Remandees are prisoners awaiting sentencing in custody and require accommodation that is segregated from convicted prisoners and located close to court facilities and social services. The built capacity at AGCC has been exceeded by 35 per cent resulting in more than 600 remandees sharing cells for single occupation. Capacity constraints can lead to remandees being transported to and accommodated at non-remandee correctional centres which are also constrained.


The proposal is investigating:

  • reform options to reduce forecast demand
  • better use of existing infrastructure, including reviewing the role and function of southern Queensland correctional centres
  • ways to improve existing infrastructure to expand current capacity, including construction of new cell blocks and upgraded and expanded prisoner support services facilities
  • construction of cells at a new greenfield site.

The project is expected to:

  • decrease violence between prisoners, and prisoners and staff
  • deliver more flexibility to manage the allocation of prisoners to the most appropriate facility
  • increase access to remand-specific programs and health services to better prepare remandees for potential release following court proceedings
  • reduce strain on building facilities with less risk of service failures.


Complete Detailed Business Case

* A range is provided by Building Queensland as a number of options are still being considered.