Responsible Agency: SunWater
Proposal Stage of Development: Detailed Business Case Complete*
Planned Stage End Date: Not Applicable
Date of Publication: December 2016 (for period 4 June 2016 – 3 December 2016)


Boondooma Dam is located on the Boyne River at a site about 20 kilometres north east of Proston. Significant scouring of the dam’s spillway was caused by floods in 2010/2011 and 2013, including:

  • large scour holes in the spillway upper chute located between the spillway crest and Erosion Control Structure (ECS), including one hole of significant depth
  • material scouring to the spillway chute downstream of the ECS
  • removal of approximately 60,000 cubic metres of material from the structure of the lower spillway chute.


The damage has impacted the long‑term security of the water supply and the spillway’s ability to manage large flood events. Following detailed options analysis, the preferred repair option includes:

  • stabilisation of the right spillway wall immediately downstream of the ECS
  • a secondary ECS 30 metres upstream of the existing ECS
  • defensive anchors within the spillway chute
  • concrete capping of the exposed dykes
  • concrete wall protection between crest and ECS
  • strengthening of the existing ogee crest.


Commence works.

* Building Queensland assisted the Detailed Business Case.