Responsible Agency: Energy Queensland
Proposal Stage of Development: Detailed Business Case Underway
Planned Stage End Date: Q2 2017
Estimated Cost of Delivery: Commercial-in-confidence*
Date of Publication: December 2016 (for period 4 June 2016 – 3 December 2016)


The current software used for the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprises Asset Management (EAM) systems is considered end-of-life and out of vendor support—as are several of the underlying infrastructure technologies. Continued operation of the system is limiting the opportunity for business process improvements.


The objective of the proposal is to transition the Energy Queensland group of companies to a new suite of ERP/EAM systems and business processes, such as finance management, human resource management, and asset and works management.

Energy Queensland is currently undertaking an open market Request For Offer to inform the development of the proposal.


Complete Detailed Business Case    >    Building Queensland assisting with Detailed Business Case.

* Due to current market engagement.