Responsible Agency: Queensland Health
BQ Role: Lead business case
Proposal Stage of Development: Business case underway
Planned Stage End Date: Q4 2016
Estimated Cost of Delivery: $110 million*
Date of Publication: June 2016 (for the period 3 December 2015 – 3 June 2016)


The Financial and Materials Management Information System (FAMMIS) currently used by Queensland Health is a legacy system experiencing performance and stability issues. In addition to the cost of mitigating the technical risk associated with a legacy system, the impacts on business practices include ineffective processing of transactions and the inability for Hospital and Health Services (HHS) to operate as independent statutory bodies.


The objectives of the proposal are to:

  • eliminate the risk of operating a legacy system
  • automate business processes to achieve efficiencies, improve compliance and controls
  • improve system integration, workflow, data quality, reporting capability and access to information

The proposal is to implement a modern financial management system. The project is being planned in stages, with the major activity component being change management. Finance staff across Queensland Health will need to be trained in the new system, which will encompass standard accounting functions as well as inventory, warehousing, asset management and procurement.


Complete business case.

* Nominal cost in Australian dollars, 2016 estimate provided by Responsible Agency.