Responsible Agency: Queensland Health
Proposal Stage of Development: Detailed Business Case Complete*
Planned Stage End Date: Not Applicable
Date of Publication: December 2016 (for period 4 June 2016 – 3 December 2016)


Demand for health services throughout the South Burnett region has significantly increased as a result of a growing and ageing population, coupled with increasing incidence of chronic disease and related health issues. Several infrastructure and non-infrastructure solutions have been successfully implemented, however the need for a further infrastructure solution has been identified. The hospital is struggling to support contemporary models of care and is constrained in its ability to provide culturally appropriate environments for the treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients.


The objectives of the proposal are to:

  • provide flexibility and improved capacity to respond to changing healthcare demand
  • improve quality of the hospital environment and provide clinically appropriate care
  • enable Kingaroy Hospital to perform its role as a health hub in the South Burnett region
  • enhance recruitment and retention of staff.

The proposal has assessed the construction of a new hospital, refurbishment of some existing buildings, and demolition of buildings that are unsuitable for refurbishment as the most appropriate infrastructure solution.


Queensland Government Investment Consideration.

* Building Queensland assisted the Detailed Business Case.