Responsible Agency: Arts Queensland
Proposal Stage of Development: Detailed Business Case Underway
Building Queensland Role: Assisting with Detailed Business Case**
Planned Stage End Date: Q4 2017
Estimated Cost of Delivery: To be determined*
Date of Publication: December 2017


Brisbane’s major performing arts venues are currently at capacity and there is increasing pressure on the largest venues to satisfy demand from touring producers and audiences.


The proposal is to deliver a 1,700-seat performing arts venue in proximity to Brisbane’s existing cultural precincts.


The project is expected to:

  • meet demand from the arts sector for greater access to Brisbane venues
  • increase economic activity driven by touring productions and tourists
  • showcase Queensland’s home companies to wider audiences and attract talent to Queensland
  • grow the range of performing arts experiences available to Brisbane
  • strengthen Brisbane’s cultural tourism offering and reinforce the state’s cultural credentials.


Complete Detailed Business Case

* Subject to selection of the preferred site, delivery and operating model.
** No active role during the June to December 2017 pipeline period.