Responsible Agency: SunWater
BQ Role: Lead business case
Proposal Stage of Development: Preliminary evaluation complete
Planned Stage End Date: N/A
Estimated Cost of Delivery: $260 million*
Date of Publication: June 2016 (for the period 3 December 2015 – 3 June 2016)


Paradise Dam is located approximately 80 kilometres south west of Bundaberg on the Burnett River. It is a key component of the Bundaberg Water Supply Scheme—holding up to 300,000 megalitres of water for the city of Bundaberg and farmland irrigation.

During the 2013 floods, extensive scour occurred downstream of the primary spillway. SunWater immediately repaired the scour and downstream toe and investigated options to prevent scour occurring in future extreme weather events.

This investigation identified necessary improvements to the primary spillway. Improvement works are being proposed to maintain efficient and safe operation of the primary spillway during extreme weather events.


SunWater proposes improvements to the primary spillway to prevent significant scour occurring downstream of the toe of the dam in major flood events. Improvement works will address energy dissipation in the primary spillway and improve the primary spillway apron and dissipater.

These works will ensure the dam continues to function as intended in line with best management practices for large dams. Works are not expected to impact landholders adjacent to the dam, irrigation customers or recreational users wanting to access boat ramps, picnic areas and other dam amenities.


Commence Business Case.

* Nominal cost in Australian dollars 2015, estimate provided by Responsible Agency.