Responsible Agency: Queensland Health
Proposal Stage of Development: Preliminary Business Case Underway
Building Queensland Role: Assisting with Preliminary Business Case**
Planned Stage End Date: Q1 2018
Estimated Cost of Delivery: $190 million*
Date of Publication: December 2017


Queensland Health uses the Hospital Based Corporate Information System (HBCIS) as its Patient Administration System (PAS) to capture and manage both admitted and non-admitted patient, clinical and administrative data. HBCIS is an old system first implemented in the early 1980s using code that is now outdated and the system will not be supported after 2023.

In addition, integration with key systems such as integrated electronic Medical Record (ieMR), AUSLAB (Pathology Systems), i-Pharmacy and the Financial Management System presents major issues and impacts on workflow and productivity.

Queensland’s healthcare system is evolving to patient-centric and accountable health management. HBCIS is not designed to support these evolving models of care.


The proposal is investigating the replacement of HBCIS throughout Queensland Health’s facilities with a contemporary patient administration solution. This would support contemporary models of healthcare and integrate effectively with key new capabilities provided by the ieMR, Financial System Renewal (FSR) and Laboratory Information System (LIS) programs.


The project is expected to:

  • improve patient flow through the healthcare system and patient safety through more effective measures to identify and manage patients
  • deliver better patient communication, reporting and analyses
  • enhance patient experience and patient choice
  • improve efficiency of resource allocation and support more accurate costing of activity and billing
  • reduce duplicate patient records.


Complete Preliminary Business Case

* Nominal cost in Australian dollars 2017, estimate provided by responsible agency.
** No active role during the June to December 2017 pipeline period.