Responsible Agency: Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation
BQ Role: Lead business case
Proposal Stage of Development: Business case underway
Planned Stage End Date: Q1 2017
Estimated Cost of Delivery: $400-$600 million*
Date of Publication: June 2016 (for the period 3 December 2015 – 3 June 2016)


Outside of South East Queensland, Public Safety Agencies (PSAs) rely on outdated analog networks that are not secure and do not allow for cross-agency communication. They are unreliable and congested (i.e. nearing network capacity), and have limited or non-existent coverage in some areas. In addition, equipment is nearing end-of-life and needs replacing and upgrading.


The proposal will deliver a new digital public safety radio network for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES), Queensland Ambulance Services (QAS) and Queensland Police Services (QPS) along the eastern seaboard, and a refresh of the QAS and QFES networks in the rest of Queensland.

This would result in significantly improved operations for the PSAs and see 96 per cent of the state’s population covered by a consolidated digital network. The area outside of the eastern seaboard and South East Queensland would be complemented by a digitally refreshed QAS and QFES network, and by the existing QPS analog network.

The proposal is expected to improve:

  • safety for PSAs and members of the public
  • incident management and response
  • security of PSA radio communications
  • efficiency in public safety services delivery
  • value for money


Complete Business Case.

* A range is provided by Responsible Agency as Business Case development is underway. An estimate will be provided once the Business Case is complete.