Responsible Agency: Public Safety Business Agency
BQ Role: Assist with business case
Proposal Stage of Development: Business case complete
Current Stage End Date: Q1 2016
Date of Publication: June 2016 (for the period 3 December 2015 – 3 June 2016)


Queensland Government Air (QGAir) has an ageing fleet, a lack of aircraft standardisation and needs to comply with regulatory changes.


The objectives of the proposal are to:

  • provide operational capability to meet the service requirements of QGAir’s partners
  • ensure standardisation of aircraft
  • ensure compliance with Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) licence requirements.

The objective is to evaluate options available to the state to maintain the aviation assets managed by QGAir.
The assets in scope are QGAir’s fleet of fixed wing (planes) and rotary wing (helicopters), which are based at Brisbane, Archerfield, Mt Isa, Townsville, Cairns and Horn Island airports.
A more detailed comparative analysis of the shortlisted project options and delivery models identified during the preliminary evaluation stage was undertaken, and a preferred option and delivery model have been identified.


Complete Procurement Process.