Responsible Agency: Department of Education and Training
Proposal Stage of Development: Preliminary Business Case Complete
Building Queensland Role: Assisted with Preliminary Business Case
Planned Stage End Date: Not Applicable
Estimated Cost of Delivery: $160–$195 million*
Date of Publication: December 2017


The capacity of the existing state schools in the North Lakes/Mango Hill and Ripley Valley areas is not considered sufficient to meet future enrolment demand.

The North Lakes/Mango Hill area has experienced higher than projected population growth over the past five years— particularly in the school-age population. Rapid population growth is expected to continue due to the considerable degree of residential development in the area.

Ripley Valley is a large master-planned greenfield development that is expected to experience significant population growth. Forecast growth is expected to exceed the capacity of the existing state secondary schools by 2020 and state primary schools servicing the area by 2021.


The North Lakes/Mango Hill proposal investigated the delivery of additional state secondary schooling capacity for local students. This included options to augment existing schools and options to deliver a new school.

The Ripley Valley proposal investigated the construction of a new local state primary and secondary school in Ripley Valley to address forecast growth in the school-age population.


The schools package is expected to:

  • improve student wellbeing and teacher satisfaction
  • increase local accessibility to secondary education services
  • provide a cost-effective and efficiently utilised school network
  • foster an improved sense of community and improved amenity and facilities.


Commence Detailed Business Case

* A range is provided by the responsible agency as a number of options are still being considered.