Reporting period: June 2020 – December 2020

Proposal stage of development: Options assessment—underway
Responsible agency: Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water (formerly Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy) and Gladstone Area Water Board


The Gladstone to Fitzroy Pipeline Options Assessment is investigating pipeline options connecting the Lower Fitzroy River to the Gladstone bulk water network to provide additional water security to Gladstone Area Water Board’s urban and industrial customers.



Awoonga Dam, owned and operated by the Gladstone Area Water Board, is the sole supply source for Gladstone and the surrounding region. The Gladstone region is a key centre for Queensland’s industry, with several large-scale industrial facilities reliant on water supplied from Awoonga Dam.

Investigations undertaken by the Gladstone Area Water Board indicate that there is potential for an extended drought to result in a period of stringent water restrictions imposed on Gladstone, and that there is a need to investigate options to improve water security for the Gladstone region to avoid significant negative economic impacts to the region and the State.


The proposal is confirming the service need and likely economic impact of water restrictions to Gladstone, to inform the development and assessment of pipeline capacity options that improve water security in the Gladstone Region by utilising supply from the Lower Fitzroy River (Rookwood Weir).


The department and Gladstone Area Water Board have engaged Building Queensland to undertake an options assessment to investigate pipeline options to improve water security for the Gladstone region.

Experience from other water infrastructure proposals is being applied to ensure the options analysis presents robust, evidence-based recommendations to support government decisions about the project’s future.


This summary has been prepared consistent with s12(3), s13(2), s17(1)(b) and s17(1)(c) of the Building Queensland Act 2015 requiring Building Queensland to publish summaries where it has assisted an agency in the preliminary preparation of an infrastructure proposal during each six-month period.