Reporting period: June 2020 – December 2020

Proposal stage of development: Options analysis (preliminary business case) —underway
Responsible agency: Department of Health and West Moreton Hospital and Health Service
Estimated cost of delivery: To be determined


The Ipswich Hospital Expansion Stage 2 proposal is investigating options to expand services at the Ipswich Hospital to meet the health needs of the Ipswich Region.



The Ipswich region is experiencing rapid growth with the population forecast to more than double from 286,000 to 587,600 by 2036. The community is culturally, economically and geographically diverse, with lower social determinants of health than the Queensland average, resulting in proportionately higher acuity, burden of disease and health care demand. In addition to the high incidence of chronic disease, the region has an ageing population.

The West Moreton Health Master Plan identifies a preferred configuration of facilities to support future service need, and proposes a staged redevelopment of West Moreton Health facilities across the entire catchment over 15 years. Commencing with Stage 1A of the Ipswich Hospital Redevelopment, the staged approach facilitates a measured strategy to build capability and capacity to address current and future shortfalls in service provision while ensuring sustainability and future flexibility to respond to emerging issues.

The detailed business case for the first stage of the Ipswich Hospital expansion was completed by Building Queensland in 2019. Developed in partnership with the Department of Health and West Moreton Health, the business case investigated: a new replacement mental health facility with 50 beds (six additional) for adult acute and older persons; a magnetic resonance imaging suite; purchase and refurbishment of Ipswich City Council facilities to provide new facilities for community health and administration functions; upgrades to the existing at-grade car parks on the Ipswich City Council site; and development of additional at-grade car parking.


The Ipswich Hospital Expansion Stage 2 proposal is investigating options to expand acute services, including: intensive care, emergency, birthing, maternity,  paediatrics, outpatient clinics, renal dialysis and chemotherapy. The proposal is also investigating refurbishment works of the existing ward block as a sub and non-acute centre, a community health and outpatients facility and demolition works of some of the Ipswich City Council buildings.


Building Queensland is assisting West Moreton Health to develop the options analysis, with a focus on aligning West Moreton Health’s analysis with the Business Case Development Framework and applying the appropriate assurance requirements.

Building Queensland is helping to identify and resolve issues that may negatively impact the time, cost and quality of a future detailed business case, and develop a robust implementation plan for a future detailed business case.

Experience from other health infrastructure proposals is being applied to ensure the options analysis presents robust, evidence-based recommendations to support government decisions about the project’s future.


This summary has been prepared consistent with s12(3), s13(2), s17(1)(b) and s17(1)(c) of the Building Queensland Act 2015 requiring Building Queensland to publish summaries where it has assisted an agency in the preliminary preparation of an infrastructure proposal during each six-month period.